mom lost her legs in a harrowing stillbirth delivery

This beautiful mom went through a very harrowing stillbirth delivery that led to her loosing both her legs.

The mom, Callie Colwick spent more than a year in the ICU after a stillbirth delivery that changed her life completely.

Colwick had pregnancy complications following the 2016 stillbirth of her second child, Quinn. She was diagnosed with placenta accreta, a dangerous condition that occurs during pregnancy. In this condition, the placenta ‘grows too deeply in the uterine wall’ which led to her being hospitalized and eventually underwent a doctor-induced labor.

After the birth, she began experiencing severe bleeding, developed septic shock which spread to the rest of her body and shut down her kidneys and lungs. Her lower legs and two of her fingers had to be amputated due to the severe damage caused from lack of blood.

After one year in the ICU, in March 2016, Colwick was sent home with her husband and toddler. She was initially denied prosthetic limbs but finally got an approval for them in 2019 following months of battle with her insurance company. She was also able to get a custom wheelchairthanks to an online crowdfunding campaign.

She says she is grateful for her second chance at life.

‘My hope is to help and inspire others. I was 27 when this happened- no one expects a 27-year-old mom to die. I truly feel like i am living on borrowed time now.’

Watch the video below.

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