Waka Flocka Concedes He was a Wack Rapper

Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka isn’t really rapping anymore

There are two reasons for that. First, he has already made millions doing it. And, second, he realizes he wasn’t any good.

“Byt 2012, 2013, I had like $30 million,” Waka said on Everyday Struggle. “At that point in my life, if I was being real on my dead brother. Why was I rapping? Da f*ck. I’m rich, I wanted to be rich. So from that time to right now, I wanted to figure out how can I become a billionaire and a multi-millionaire off of business. Because I did it with rap. I was a wack rapper, like I knew I was wack but I was real. My realness overcame my wackness.”

DJ Akademiks tried to make Waka feel better by saying he wasn’t that wack.

“Put me and K.Dot in the booth,” Waka challenged, after saying his favorite rappers were good rappers like DMX, Nas, KRS-One.

Do you agree with Waka that he was no good?

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