Wake Flocka Pushes Back On Jim Jones’s Claim Rap Is A Most Dangerous Job

Between the violence and the ODs, rap has been posting quite the body count over the last several years.

All of that death led Jim Jones to opine that being a rapper is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Waka Flocka pushed back on that notion.

“Please stop saying rap is dangerous,” Waka pleaded. “Y’all n*ggas is falling into the trap. ‘Cause if Hip Hop is dangerous, they gon stop booking shows around each state, stop making Hip Hop popular. The f*ck are y’all doing, bro?

Hip Hop ain’t dangerous, bro,” Waka continued This sh1t making more money outta any genre in the world. Hip Hop is beautiful, bro. To be a gangbanging rapper is f*cking dangerous.  To be a drug-dealing rapper is dangerous, anything that’s negative is dangerous, idiots. F*ck is y’all talking about, bro? It ain’t dangerous, y’all folks really about to cut y’all f*cking hustle out. Fool-ass n*ggas, man.”

Jones held fast to his assertion that rap was one of the world’s most dangerous jobs even after being challenged by a marine.  Would you like to see Capo and Waka debate this one?

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