Young Woman Recounts How She Sleeps With Men To ‘Meet Her Daily Target’

A young lady from Nigeria has taken to an open forum on social media to share her sad tale with onliners whiles requesting their opinion on how to shape her life.

The girl who happens to be an orphan following the death of her parents in 2017, disclosed that she sleeps with men to ‘meet her daily target’, triggered by her uncompromising aunt whom she was staying with.

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“When my parents died in 2017, I was 15 year old and my younger brother was just 6 years. So we had to go stay with my aunt who didn’t give birth to any child. We had no other option or whom to stay with then.

First month after we moved in with her, she made I and my little brother to be hawking egg roll in the street. According to her, she can only feed us from whatever profit we make from that business and that was how it all started because we must stay late in the night to make sure we sell everything.

My aunt had a lot of male friends, so she was never bothered about send us to school

One that faithful day, I and my brother left the house to do our normal business. And as it was getting closer to dawn, some boys that normal buy something from us called me to come and sent my brother to buy them soft drinks so that they can use it to take the egg roll.

Before my brother could come back, they promised me to give me money for every egg roll I was carrying if only I will sleep with them. I didn’t even think it twice because if we go home like that, my aunt will beat us up and still starve us.

That was how it started. Each day we couldn’t finish what we are selling, I will meet them to sleep with me and pay me. Then from that money I will settle my aunt and ask my brother to eat up what we have.

For years now, that has been my routine. I chat stay a day without sleeping with men who will pay me so that I can meet my daily target.

I want to loose the hatred I have for my aunt and I don’t know where to start.

I know I need help but I can’t help myself.

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